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October 11

at 6:30 p.m.

at the end of the JPOA 2020.


of the book

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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Humanity 2.0

by Christian Cogné

(limited places reserve early)  

Why write a novel about Syria? What about Syria at war? Some prefer fiction which allows a better understanding of current events, others articles which have appeared in the press. In any case, to write a literary fiction about this tragedy is to initiate a step against oblivion. Forgetting an exodus for an entire population, forgetting outdated yellow lines, international political compromises ...

Humanity 2.0 Vessel

What is it about ?

The novel takes place in Syria, after the revolution of 2011 until the surrender of the rebels in Aleppo in 2016. It tells the eventful crossing of Jamal, from Damascus to Aleppo via Palmyra. Formerly a director recognized and appreciated by the public for his Shakespearean repertoire, Jamal lived for a few years in prison. Released by the Free Syrian Army in his last place of detention in Idlib, he then tries to find his daughter. But his memory and his aptitude for the production will betray him.

On the artistic side

What can the artist hope for when the tragic event takes the place of a theater? Will he be forced to play a role he did not want to play? Or, on the contrary, will he succeed in interpreting this other role for which a strange character seems destined him: Majd, met in prison, and who under the powerful spotlight of “Vessel Humanity 2.0” will guide him through a country in ruins?

Roman has just been published on April 25 by Kyklos editions



Le Communiqué du rond-point illustre le début du mouvement des gilets jaunes ( fin 2018) et l’aspect singulier du rond-point comme carrefour des routes, lieu de départ des revendications et d’un voyage incertain.

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